Project Yum Yum Scene – Delilah Davis

Delilah Davis     Video: 27 min   Photos: 144     BTS: 51 Min

Delilah hasn’t been in the industry very long. Nonetheless, she making a splash! Having filmed for such companies as ATK and Naughty America. Well, we are definitely pleased that she graced us with the honor. She has a very pleasant and fun disposition. Chad White’s cock took notice 🙂

Delilah Davis’s Twitter: Delilah Davis 

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Project Yum Yum Scene – Allison Pierce

Allison Pierce     Video: 20 min   Photos: 104

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Project Yum Yum Scene – Heidi Hollywood (Scene 2)

Heidi Hollywood (Scene #2)     Video: 27 min   Photos: 129     BTS: 37 Min

If you recall the last time Heidi Hollywood was here she had a hard time swallowing Chad White’s load. She tried; but struggled and coughed up the load. This time Heidi is back, and she is determined to make amends for her dishonourable conduct. 

Heidi Hollywood’s Twitter Account: HeidiHoXxX

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Project Yum Yum Scene – Mae Olsen

Mae Olsen     Video: 21 min   Photos: 122

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”  – The Mourning Bride” (1697) by William Congreve

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Project Yum Yum Scene – Victoria Lawson

Victoria Lawson     Video: 19 min   Photos: 91

I don’t know exactly what it is, but something about Victoria is extremely sexy. Watch as she opens her mouth wide and welcomes cock to get comfy on her moist tongue. This scene wae provided by our friends at Jesse Loads Monster Facials, it is one of their swallowing scenes – so it is in the bonus content section.

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Project Yum Yum Scene – Jenna J. Ross

Jenna J. Ross     Video: 22 min     Photos: 152     BTS: 22 min

Who would of thought that such a tiny girl would have such a voracious appetite for sex and creamy man custard ? ! ? How does she manage to fit the entirety of Chad White’s magic wand down her throat? Jenna J. Ross is a mystery wrapped in an enigma… And WTF does the ‘J’ in Jenna ‘J.’ Ross stand for anyway?

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Project Yum Yum Scene – Katerine Moss (Facial)

Katerine Moss     Video: 20 min   Photos: 172

Katerine is films again with our friend’s at Jesse Loads Monster Facials. She quickly strips out of her bright red dress to reveal her massive tits and her gorgeous ass. This Russian beauty may not talk a lot but her mouth speaks volumes when it opens wide and takes a big fat cock inside. She licks up and down the shaft and sucks the balls then tit fucks her stud until he creams her face.

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