Did Dee ever swallow?

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Dee is a Cum Dodger and never swallowed

Dee possibly swallows at:

  • Porn Fidelity (she gets a mouthful, Ryan starts fucking her again. It appears she may have swallowed – but it is unclear) Thanks for for the info Teddy Taylor
  • Run For the Border #2 (Same scene as above) THanks Again Teddy


Dee is featured at:

  • Not Yet Researched
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  1. Dee does a scene for Porn Fidelity where she gets a mouth full. Ryan starts fucking her again. It appears she might have swallowed.

  2. Thanks for the Info Teddy Taylor… we are adding the info now

  3. Dude I can’t even find the video you are talking about…Can you help us with the title of the video? Is this a new clip or old clip….

  4. Anyone know of a scene where Dee definitively swallows or where she can be currently contacted and reached for a possible future scene?

  5. PornFidelity’s Run For the Border #2 – this is the Dee scene.

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