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  1. downthehatch says:

    Isis swallows in
    “She is half my age 7”
    The guy comes on her forehead then uses a spoon to feed her the cum. She looked like she might puke, so it was a bit of a turnoff.

    Isis does not swallow in
    “Raw 9”
    Even though it was reported on iafd that she swallows. The guy came in her mouth but she had her lips wraped around his dick the whole time so you couln’t see how much she took. He did fire off one more squirt when he pulled out, so you know he was cuming. Isis sensually dispays some of the cum in her mouth then runs to the bathroom to, I assume, spit it out. This scene was still pretty good if you want to see a nice looking girl get fucked, but dont expect to see a swallow.

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