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Did Kristina Rose ever swallow cum?

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Kristina Rose swallows cum at:


Kristina Rose is featured in:

Angela White By Darkko –
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13 replies on “Did Kristina Rose ever swallow cum?”

Does anybody know for which movie that scene was?? I own all JJ releases with Kristina Rose and there´s not that scene included. Could it be for FF 11????

Dont think it was from a Feeding Frenzy Style vid…. Not enough cum…. Also we at swallowguide are trying to saving up money to produce Feeding Frenzy style scenes

Thanks for reply! Maybe not much cum anymore because she swallowed a fat mouthful before 🙂 ?? Where do you get that picture? just interested in it… PS: you guys have my full respect and support for your mission… sure i will keep an eye on that site!!

Let me check on that picture… also yea.. weill definately have many scenes in the future… You would be surprised who have and who we are talking to 🙂 …the hard part is saving up the money-

Thanks man for any info on that scene. I have some visions that this site will be really big in 1 or 2 years… PS: Remy mentionend in ayoutube interview she would be able to swallow 35 loads :))

unfortunately she retired…. also i have been looking for the source of that image for the past 30 mintues – cant find it… if i run across the source of the exact vid i will post it here

Really 🙂 thats great news… thanks for putting her in our line of sight for future scenes…

Yeah you should check her out! What about male talents?? Arnold Schwarzenpecker would be great if he´s still around.. he´s got a blast where you otherwise have to hire 3 male talents 🙂

Thumbs up for mentioning mike hash! Fender is also talented. What´s up with Mike John? Does he support your thing? Seems like he went a little bit depressed about his quality artwork doesn´t sell that good anymore…

I havent had the priviledge to meet Mike Hash…But Fender is our main producer and he supports our work

Nope I ment Mike John, Producer of NCDA abd Teenage Spermaholics..but ok that means you got with Hash support from a pro, which isn´t a bad thing 🙂

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