Did Lisa Ann ever swallow cum?

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Lisa Ann swallows cum at:

Lisa Ann is featured at:

  • Mom’s a Cheater 6
  • DD’s and Derrieres
  • Interactive Sex With Lisa Ann
  • Live Gonzo
  • Big Tit Fanatic 2

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7 thoughts on “Did Lisa Ann ever swallow cum?

  1. We would love to have Amber Lynn do a scene for you. But eveything cost money, and that is something us at swallowguide do not have…

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  2. Lisa Ann swallows cum in the following scenes:
    Lisa Ann – Having fun with manuel (thelisaann.com) – she swallow a load from manuel ferrara
    Lisa Ann full in justice (thelisaann.com) – justice young cum in her tongue and she swallow a bit
    Brazzers live show 36 – the show has lisa ann and phoenix marie, in the end prince yashua cums in lisa mouth (oral creampie) and she swallows his cum…the other guy also cum in her mouth and it seems she swallows a bit too

  3. Having fun with manuel (thelisaamm.com) – manuel comes in her mouth and lisa swallows
    Full on justice (thelisaamm.com) – justice young poops in her face and tongue…
    Brazzers live show 36 – prince yashua cums in her mouth (oral creampie) and she swallows it…she apparently swallows the other guy too

  4. I watched all the scenes you mentioned here and I believe she never swallowed at all in any of these scenes. In Brazzers Live 36 she sucks yashua and she doesn’t show anything in her mouth and all people believed that she swallowed but I think her mouth was empty at all. Again, in feeding frenzy 11 she had a bowl in her hand and many people filled that bowl with cum and they suddenly changed the scene and she had a different bowl in her hand and she drinked whatever from that different bowl. It was a fake sperm I think

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