Did Skin Diamond ever swallow cum?

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Skin Diamond swallows cum at:

  • Mandingo Massacre 5 (Submitted by User: Marlowe)
  • Hard X (Submitted by User: Lolo)
  • Rocco’s Coming in America (Submitted by User: Lolo)
  • Skin (Submitted by User: Marlowe)
  • Up that Black Ass 8 (Submitted by User: Marlowe)

Skin Diamond is featured in:

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3 thoughts on “Did Skin Diamond ever swallow cum?”

  1. Marlowe

    She has swallowed many times including: Mandingo Massacre 5, Skin, Up that Black Ass 8,

    1. Akatsuki

      Thanks Marlowe… Info added!

  2. Lolo

    She also swallowed for Rocco’s Coming in America and HardX

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