Did Valerie Luxe ever swallow?

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Image from Brandon Iron’s Blog
Valerie Luxe is a Cum Dodger and never swallowed
Note: Valerie supposedly swallowed a virtually non-existent  load at Monsters of Cock

Pictures below are from Valerie’s lost Load My Mouth scene

If you want the scene to be released, (as Project Yum Yum does) we need your HELP! We contacted Brandon Iron about releasing the scene and he said he already turned it in, that he retired and that it was out of his hands. He said that the webmaster of Load My Mouth have the scene and that they have to find it and release it. Please contact the owners/webmasters of Load My Mouth at support@pornstarnetwork.com  and urge them to release Valerie’s scene ASAP. They will probably be more willing to accomodate if you are a member of their site. Instead of if were some random porn surfer.

Valerie Luxe does boy/girl anal at:

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Valerie Luxe is featured in:

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  1. […] My Mouth) has this scene as well as several other unreleased scenes (such as Valerie Luxe‘s (Load My Mouth scene) because Brandon Iron sent them in, they just need to look for them […]

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