Introducing: Yummy

ICO Price: $00.003 per Yummy

After ICO we will sell Yummy for $00.16 per Yummy for liquidity purposes. Thus allowing those that purchased Yummy tokens during ICO at $00.003 per Yummy, to sell their Yummy tokens at $00.15 per Yummy to possibly lock in profits at that rate.

Why has Project Yum Yum decided to create Yummy?

There several reason why we decided to create Yummy.

  • To raise funds to produce more epic content
  • To increase energize the Project Yum Yum community
  • We are tired of dealing with banks, chargebacks, scammers, and payment delays
  • Once OnlyFans said that it was going to ban sexually explicit content because of banking issues (even though they reversed their decision) it became apparent that we need to not be reliant on the banking industry
  • We want to be paid in crypto, we are worried about inflation and we want to deal with central bank issued currencies as less possible
  • To encourage the adoption of crypto
  • We want to explore various ways immerging technologies can improve the experience for both consumers and content producers.
  • Depending on how successful this project is, we would like to try and develop our own blockchain solutions

How will Yummy be used?

For special content will not collect Yummy as payment. People must simply have Yummy tokens in their wallets to have access to new content. We want to encourage people to hold their tokens

Yummy holders are free to sell or exchange their tokens at any time.

Benefits include:

  • 350 Yummies = 1 Month access to
  • 10,000 Yummies = Special content for Yummy token holders for as long as they have them in their wallet
  • 50,000 Yummies = Special content for Yummy token holders for as long as they have them in their wallet
  • Yummy Leaderboards
  • more to come…

Yummy allocation

  • Total Supply: 777,777,777,777
  • 16 % to Project Yum Yum founders
  • 10 % held in reserves for liquidity and investments
  • Yummy not sold during ICO will be burned

Is this just a get-rich-quick scheme?

Project Yum Yum was started in 2011 (Originally with the name SwallowGuide, but decided to change the name for marketing purposes). We love porn. We are not going anywhere. We just want to produce porn the world will enjoy.

Regardless of how the ICO does, nothing will change. Yummy tokens are still apart of the way we will release new content. If people want view our content, they are going to have to own Yummy.

Get Yummy Tokens – A Step-by-Step guide