Project Yum Yum Turns Dreams Into Reality


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We can NOT make any guarantees that we can get every performer. Porn actresses retire, they relocate, they refuse to work with certain people, there are scheduling conflicts, etc, etc.

We CAN guarantee that we will try are hardest to contact and coordinate videos exactly as you envision them.

We can NOT guarantee that the performer will perform within our budget. We will let members know the specifics if issues arise. You may have to suggest different performers for us to film if there are issues with scheduling with your first preferred pornstar.

If you purchased a membership that permits you to film with us you can film with us as often as you like while your membership is active.

You must go to our approved STD site/company for testing. All STD tests must be current.

If you are late to filming we will not be responsible.

If you have a membership that allows you to personally film we can not guarentee that even if you arrive on set of filming that the performer may not behave unprofessionally, the performer may discriminate against you based on your looks etc and refuse to work with you. If such a thing happens that is out of our control and we will reimburse your airfare and hotel expenses. (limit of $1000 reimbursements per year)

If our staff finds that you are a threat, are unethical, have bad hygiene, or disrupt the atmosphere of filming we reserve the right to refuse to film with you.

No refunds will be given for not being able film your desired models or for not being able to accommodate your personal filming schedule or preferrences.

We will not film any content that is harmful to our performers or pressure them to do things they do not want to do.